Ever since we read the ‘wild & free’ article by Home By Design contributor Kathryn O’shea-Evans, we are noticing many Niagara residents are using ornamental grasses in their landscapes. Have you ever thought of using grass to decorate your home? 

What an easy, fun way to create an appealing curb appeal. Low maintenance and a great path to a finished look. 

We are thinking it would be fabulous when selling to use ornamental grasses as a way to “stage” your residential or business landscape, creating a polished first impression from as early as the MLS photo browsing, the drive-by and your potential buyers viewings.  

In Kathryn’s article she gets expert advice from landscape architect Janice Parker, who shares tips on how to use them, and sheds some inspiration on a few types. Check out the article here: 


Photography by Neil Landino Jr.