While I was on my evening walk the other day, I came across this window on which the owner had used a beautifully painted porcelain tea kettle as a pot for a little plant, on looking closely I noticed the handle was broken, perhaps that’s why the tea kettle was given another life as a pot. It inspired me to do the same. 

It’s amazing to me how something so small and trivial could change the mood of the room or a part of a home. And the best part is that it’s sustainable, you’re recycling and repurposing instead of throwing something away, and you’re helping our planet! Here’s something similar in this week’s article by HBD, “Reclaimed repose” by Victoria Hittner that covers a beautiful Australian Federation-era cottage that saves the charm of the past and brings in the use of the now. This article also has some inspiration for you to create your own little recycled work of art! Happy hunting!


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